The first book in the Character Club Lil Sibs Series is here!

Introducing Benjamin Blair and the Case of the Missing Noun Hound. This series engages Kindergarten through second grade learners. Join Jeanie Blair's triplet younger brothers, Ethan's little sister Harley, Claire's little sister RyRy, and others you haven't met yet in a junior journey toward patience that teaches all the common core standards K-2 on nouns! I am super excited about this project because it features my dad as the illustrator and is dedicated to my favorite teacher who is also a character in the book.

What people are saying:

My second grader just finished Benjamin Blair in two nights! He couldn’t put it down! - Brenna Bishop, mom

Some books are fun for kids to read & others have a great moral lesson but fall short on the entertainment side. Benjamin Blair bridges the two with page-turning adventure that keeps kids in suspense while teaching the high value of patience in an easy-to-understand approach. Definitely worth reading to your kids! - Stacy Voss, Author

Classroom Bonus features for teachers - Trailer below

1. Follow the adventure with your own clues and help Ben and his classmates solve the mystery with this sheet. Cut apart or fold to reveal one clue at a time. Clues

2. Make a noun collection in your own home. Discuss which is easiest to collect: people, places or things.

3. Make a list of things that you can do when you are impatient to help you think about other things. Interview others for help and then take a survey of 10 or more people to see which one they think would help them the most.

4. Chapter 8 refers briefly to puns and homophones. Explore these two topics deeper by looking up their definition and then making lists of both for referencing. Add to the list as you read other books.

5. Print this pdf on two size 5160 label sheets for a self stick activity like the one in Chapter 9! Make a chart like the one on page 61 to stick the matches to after kiddos find them.  Irregular nouns are on the first sheet and regular nouns on the second. 30 labels of each for 15 pairs of each. Do separately or together.