The first book in the Character Club Lil Sibs Series is here!

Introducing Benjamin Blair and the Case of the Missing Noun Hound. This series engages Kindergarten through second grade learners. Join Jeanie Blair's triplet younger brothers, Ethan's little sister Harley, Claire's little sister RyRy, and others you haven't met yet in a junior journey toward patience that teaches all the common core standards K-2 on nouns! I am super excited about this project because it features my dad as the illustrator and is dedicated to my favorite teacher who is also a character in the book.

What people are saying:

My second grader just finished Benjamin Blair in two nights! He couldn’t put it down! - Brenna Bishop, mom

Some books are fun for kids to read and others have a great moral lesson but fall short on the entertainment side. Benjamin Blair bridges the two with page-turning adventure that keeps kids in suspense while teaching the high value of patience in an easy-to-understand approach. Definitely worth reading with your kids! - Stacy Voss, Author

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The Character Club Series engages children and helps teachers & parents inspire strong moral character. A glossary and discussion questions are included for advanced understanding. 

Summary: Liar, Liar Ethan McWyer – A Journey toward Integrity - Every kid is tempted to lie at some point in their lifetime. Ethan McWyer is no different. He is a soccer stud on the field, but hides behind a pathological fear. When confronted on it, he invents a story to make him sound better. A tangled web of spinning lies ensnares him. Follow Ethan on his journey to see if he can escape from the mess!

What people are saying:

This book is very exciting from a pool scene to where Ethan lies to his friends to a fun sledding scene. This book teaches a good life lesson for all people big or small and to take your responsibilities seriously. - Declan/Isaac, 5th grade boys

This is my favorite book in the Battle of the Books contest. I read it when I was still a liar. - Cameron, 10 years old

I had a class set of the book so my students could enjoy reading it together each day. We had great discussions on what integrity looks like and it was a favorite part of the day! - Alicia Steadman, 3rd Grade teacher, Lawrence Elementary

Liar Liar Ethan McWyer has been approved by the Littleton Public School District reading committee and has been selected for the 2018-19 (& again for 2019-20!) Battle of the Books contest! Join the fun. Start a book club or order a copy for your favorite student.


Summary: Jeanie Blair, Author Extraordinaire – A Journey toward Compassion -  Every kid dreams about what they will be when they grow up.  Jeanie Blair is no different.  She has big dreams of becoming a famous author.  When a contest comes along to help her achieve her dream, she crosses the line and angers some classmates. Will Jeanie be able to achieve her dream and restore her friendships on a journey toward compassion?

What people are saying:

"Allie Slocum has written an entertaining story with values and lessons every child should be introduced to and reminded of often. A must-read for elementary kids and middle schoolers alike!" - Kevin Wood, English Teacher, Newton Middle School

"This is a quick, imaginative, fun, informative educational little read, aimed at both telling a good story and reminding children, in gentle ways, that words are powerful, that people have reasons for their behaviors, that not everything is as it first seems, and that we shouldn't take our loved ones for granted. Words do more than sting; they have power. It hits some deep topics, but in ways children can understand. I intended to read one or two chapters before bed, and wound up reading the entire thing in one go. I'm not the target audience, but if it held my interest, as a cynical adult, I imagine it'll enchant kids. It's not preachy so much as it is thought-provoking. It also made me rethink some of my words and friendships." - Charity Bishop, Editor for the Prairie Times

Jeanie Blair, Author Extraordinaire has been approved by the Littleton Public School District reading committee.

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